What is UBI Agency website about?

Our website contains a full and up-to-date database of all registered Ukrainian business entities (also known as EDRPOU or EGRPOU) – more than 1,500,000 companies, which can be searched using the field at the top of each page.

Companies can be searched by their registry number (EDRPOU) or Ukrainian title:

You can also come across a UBI company profile while searching e.g. Google for a certain Ukrainian enterprise.

Each company profile contains links to similar companies and links to the full catalog of business entities.

We offer background check and credit report services for Ukrainian companies. By pressing the "Order Inspection" button you can request a quote for a company audit.

Why would I want to inspect a company?

Inspection will show whether:

  • the company in question is cheating its clients
  • the company is fake (fraudulent)
  • it is advisable to provide an installment credit to this company
  • it is ok to make an advance payment to this company
  • it is worth to expect that the company will fulfil its obligations or to file a lawsuit
  • it is worth filing a lawsuit, or the company is insolvent
  • company representatives are fraudsters (and recommended actions in this case)
  • what can be done to claim your money
  • what can be done to mitigate risks.

Why is the Lawyer's Consultation service valuable?

Sometimes client's problems can be solved with advice from an affordable lawyer's, which reduces the cost of the problem considerably. For instance, a lawyer can examine a contract or a claim and provide recommendations. That's why we offer you the possibility to send in documents for an expert analysis. Our goal is to provide for our customers' needs in a way that will also maximize their savings.

What details can I use to search for a company?

You can enter the following into the search field:

  • The registry number, full or part (full registry number always consists of 8 digits)
  • Company title or a part of it (in this case, you will see some suggestions containing the characters you typed)
  • Full director's name in Ukrainian, e.g. "Коваленко Віталій Васильович", which will bring up the full list of companies with this name listed as director (Attention! The same name is not always the same person).

The source of our database is the official Registry of Ukrainian business entities, and since its records are only kept in Ukrainian, it is only possible to search for the name in Ukrainian. Also, remember that the same name is not always the same person - please also pay attention to the region each company is registered in (listed on the right side of each search result).

Does the ubi.agency website offer a database of individual entrepreneurs?

No, the website https://ubi.agency lists business entities only.

How can I find company contact information using your website?

If we have this information, we provide it in the overall company profile. We do not guarantee, however, that phone numbers and other contact information is correct and up to date. If the contact information is not listed on the company page, it means that we don't have it and we cannot provide it.

Where is my personal information stored?

The information about our clients and their requests is stored on our secure servers that comply with the latest security standards, and we use it only for our internal purposes. We consider this data highly confidential and never expose it to third parties unless required by law.

Who can find out that I contracted UBI Agency to look into a company?

No one, except you and us. We treat confidentiality very seriously.

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