You are most likely here because of your interest in a Ukrainian company. If you are concerned with the reliability of your business partners, our business risk assessment service strives to become your best option. We are experts providing legal and intelligence solutions for prudent clients - and thus we can be useful to you, too.

We created UBI Agency by joining the expertise of practicing lawyers, financial analysts, financial security experts and IT wizards. The fusion of our strengths guarantees you one of the best services available today.

What we do for you

  • Collect and structure information from large data sets;
  • Provide analytical expertise regarding the activities of companies anywhere in Ukraine;
  • Protect your business from chaos and fraud;
  • Save your money by relieving you of the necessity to employ a full-time fraud prevention staff;
  • Uncovering all of the secrets of your contractors, present and future business partners, and competitors;
  • Create reports with recommendations you can refer to while making operational decisions.

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About us

UBI Agency

UBI Agency is an abbreviation standing for "Ukrainian Business Intelligence Agency".

Vitaliy Kovalenko
Vitaliy Kovalenko

Good day,
often the biggest threats to a business arise from negligence and lack of information. Today, many state-owned databases and registries are open to the public, creating the possibility to quickly and legally collect valuable information about the entity of your interest, and thus protecting your business. During the 15 years of my practice in the field of financial security, UBIA's online service is the best I've seen. I'll be glad to welcome you as our client!

Iryna Kovalenko
Iryna Kovalenko
Chief Customer Support Officer

My Greetings!
My primary goal is to provide you will all the information you need about our service. There are, of course, the “Frequently Asked Questions” available on our website, but rest assured you can always address our support department with your questions via phone as well. We adhere to the highest standards of privacy, to any information that comes from our clients. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Serhiy Bondar
Serhiy Bondar
Director of Marketing

My greetings to you, dear visitors, and I hope - our future happy customers! Working in many various projects as a marketing expert, I have always anticipated an opportunity to apply all my accumulated experience to the one Most Important Project. Now with UBI Agency, this time has come! Company background verification service IS the product to dedicate all my knowledge and energy to. So let the time you spend here on our website become your lucky investment into the prosperity of your business.

Alexander Burakovskiy
Alexander Burakovskiy

Like perhaps any other Information Technology professional I’m convinced that in the near future any business problem will have an online solution. My work on the UBI project is not only a source of satisfaction that comes from solving complex tasks, but is also my tribute to a social goal, which is helping Ukrainian business become more transparent, safe, and efficient.

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