Contractor reliability and solvency check

Not sure whether it's safe to send an advance payment?

Need to approve a provision of a regular or installment loan?

Do you doubt your contractor with overdue debts?

UBI Agency offers solutions!

UBI analytics service helps you understand how reliable and solvent your present or future supplier, buyer or competitor is.

A contractor reliability check is important, as even companies that are perfectly solvent are not always diligent when it comes to financial obligations. This happens for various reasons, which we will bring into light during our inspection.

On the other hand, dealing with a company that appears to have a good reputation, but has solvency issues makes loss inevitable sooner or later.

Our services

Reliability check

Performed via searching publicly available data for unfavorable information, analyzing it, identifying risks and providing recommendations.

You get:

  • information about past and present court cases involving your contractor, and their legal analysis for risks related to business reputation and solvency;
  • intelligence on overdue debts (including tax debts, unfulfilled court rulings);
  • bankruptcy statement from the company, signs of fraudulency, insufficient human and material resources for claimed activities;
  • information about cancellation of licenses and permits previously acquired
  • list of movable property and real estate, including land that is owned or leased, and pinpointing properties under arrest or another type of encumbrance (mortgage etc);
  • аuthority decrees that concern the company in question and might indicate problems with it;
  • research of company's affiliations, with the aim to detect risk factors;
  • participation in public procurements, and their analysis;
  • conclusions and recommendations, with respect to the original goal of inspection.

* The price mentioned here is tentative and can be further adjusted based on the amount of information and complexity of analysis in each particular case. The inspection process may take 2-3 days or more. We can only provide a price and time estimate after learning the company under inspection.